Meteorologist forecastings less snow, more cold over next few weeks

Two weekends in a row, Knox and surrounding counties have been pummeled with snowfall.

But there may be good news from National Weather Service Meteorologist Chris Geerhart depending on what kind of winter weather you prefer.

Especially after a mild December, colder temps may seem harsh, but Geerhart says 20 below zero wind chills could be within reach.

“Ultimately tracks can have a huge change in what exactly you see on the ground,” Geerhart tells WGIL.

He says when you start to see colder weather patterns coming down from the northwest they don’t have a lot of moisture contained in them.

Geelhart also says the recent snap of cold and snow isn’t particularly unusual for this time of year.

It just hit us hard after an abnormally mild December but now he sees a sustained period with volatile weather patterns and cold temps

He says just a small change in where the storm system tracks can have a huge difference in what you see on the ground.

“Just having the storm system 25 or 30 miles to the north of where we think it is could mean some areas could see all rain instead of being plastered by snow.”

Temperatures rose throughout the day Tuesday with rain that was expecting to meet a cold front after midnight, turning rain into freezing rain than snow.

Wednesday is a different story with temperatures expected to fall throughout the day, with wind chills near 20 below in some areas by Friday.

Over the next few weeks, we may occasionally reach the 30’s but Geelhart says that type of heat will probably one stick around for a day or two at best.

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