Clinton Health Matters Initiative concludes 3-year program with report

The three-year initiative run by the Clinton Foundation to promote healthy living and reduce gaps in health disparities in Knox County has concluded.

The Clinton Health Matters Initiative for Knox County released a report on their work Thursday.

The first two steps, dating back to early 2016, was the hiring of Emily Webel as Regional Director for the initiative and gathering community decision makers and content area experts for a one-day summit.

Those gathered would help design 36 bold action steps; five each from nine working groups, that were initially designed to be “bold” and “ambitious.”

These 36 steps were designed to address social determinants of health; things like social economic factors, health behaviors, and clinical care.

As the working groups continued meeting, mostly on a monthly basis, certain programs began to emerge, some that locals are likely familiar with.

The Walking School Bus started, getting adults and community leaders to walk with students to Silas Willard school.

The program made to build community and encourage exercise is soon coming to Abingdon and Knoxville.

There was also a grant secured through Bridgeway for regional coordination in preventing substance abuse and supporting those fighting it.

Several leaders have been established to carry on these initiatives and others.

Connecting and supporting people were what the report says was the most impactful part of CHMI in Knox County.

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