Dist. 276 expecting revenue shortfall in FY 2019

Due to delays in property taxes this year, revenue will appear to be coming in short for the Abingdon-Avon school district before the fiscal school year ends.

The District 276 board members were given district financial update at Wednesday night’s meeting that included the impact on the budget from the lack of revenue in early tax money.

Superintendent Dr. Mike Curry tells WGIL that the delayed income will impact the “paper” budget, but won’t hurt the district financially.

“I budget for early taxes so that we have an appropriate or more accurate description of what kind of revenue we’re going to get every year. I think this might be only the second time in the last 10 or 11 we’ve had early taxes come late, which is actually on time…”

Curry says that this year will show a revenue shortfall, but next year’s budget will most likely show a bloated revenue, accounting for two years of early property tax money.

The A-town school district is hoping to start roof work at both the High school and Hedding Grade School in early June. Dr. Curry says that the district is hoping that both roof projects will get started on June third, along with a boiler piping replacement project.

Curry says that right before the winter cold hit, the district had to replace the boiler at Hedding so that the building had heat. That led to the discovery that the piping was in need of replacement.

“All the piping for the boiler system is buried in concrete throughout the Hedding Grade School design.” He adds that “those are starting to leak and fall apart, so we’re going to do an overhead boiler piping project to complete the whole redo Hedding heating systems.”

Curry also says that the district is adding and upgrading their security cameras. He said the system was already robust but added that the newer cameras offer better resolution, wider field of vision, and can operate better in lower lighting.

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