Lennys Grill & Subs opening delayed

If you want to do something, you should do it right.

That’s what Tammy Weiss — co-owner and operator of what will become Illinois’ first Lenny’s Grill and Subs location — says is happening, now that the opening of the eatery has been delayed.
Weiss tells WGIL she was training regarding the operation of the restaurant, when she determined changed needed to be made.

“I was actually down in training for Lenny’s in March down in Memphis when the actual plans came in,” says Weiss.  “There was a little bit of a delay in me seeing it.  And, when they came in, we realized that we weren’t utilizing the building to its best capabilities, and it wasn’t quite the design layout that we wanted.”

Weiss says that means going through seeking bids, getting contractors lined up, and the appropriate city permits all over again.  She says using your space as best as possible is everything.

“If you don’t use it properly, the guest experience isn’t going to be the optimum,” says Weiss.  “We’re locally owned and operated, so we’ll be here in the community.  Our goal is to make things an optimal experience, as well as sensory.”

But Weiss says her husband calls Lenny’s the best sub he’s ever had, so she hopes the delay will be worth it.

Lenny’s will be on North Henderson Street, in the location of what was a former Burger King, and later a title loan office.

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