Social Security scams still lingering out there

According to the US Social Security Administration – scam calls of people posing as officials is still an issue. The main tactic used by scammers is: scaring the public into thinking they are in trouble, or there’s a problem. The agency’s Jack Myers says the message or method may vary, but the oftentimes, the theme is fear. “Whatever their method is, the end result is they hope to scare you and to share your information because they pretend that they are going to help you,” Myers said. “They pretend they’re from Social Security and they’re calling you to help you fix this problem. They make it sound like it’s a problem that you really want to have fixed.” He says if you receive a call and you weren’t expecting one, be skeptical. The scammers are very skilled – so if you receive a voice message – don’t call it back.
More information can be found at You can also report the call to the Social Security Office of the Inspector General at 800-269-0271.