Knox County Board approves settlement agreement

A settlement agreement was approved Monday night by the Knox County Board to resolve litigation between the board, Knox County Treasurer Robin Davis, Knox County State’s Attorney John Pepmeyer, and one of Pepmeyer’s employees.

According to a release from the county, Circuit Judge Paul Mangieri mediated an agreement between the involved parties and agreed was read into court records and approved by the parties and their attorneys on April 17th.

The release indicates that the first lawsuit, involving the time clock, was resolved with State’s Attorney John Pepmeyer agreeing to use the electronic system that is required by the county to track his employee’s work.

The second lawsuit involved a salary increase for an Assistant State’s Attorney that was not approved by the County Board.

They claim that there was no money in the budget for the salary increases and they were not paid, leading to the lawsuit. To settle this, the county approved to pay the increase for the one year and Pepmeyer allegedly agreed to keep salary increases in the budget in the future and participate actively in the budgetary process.

The final lawsuit involves the appointment of the special prosecutor which Mangieri had previously agreed with the Pepmeyer on. The County Board says they authorized the hiring of an additional ASA to assist the office with Pepmeyer agreeing to dismiss the special prosecutor.

The county alleges that Pepmeyer and his employee have refused to sign the settlement. The release indicates the county will petition the court to enforce the settlement on Tuesday.

The board approved the agreement with no discussion and also approved a pay increase for the new state’s attorney position at $55,000.

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