Local police may be responsible for confiscating guns

Legislation introduced in the Illinois Senate back in March created a gun seizure measure for those with a revoked FOID card. Senate Bill 44 would direct Illinois State Police to designate “gun liaison officers” to work with local law enforcement in order to seize Firearm Owner Identification Cards that are revoked and to confiscate all firearms and ammunition in possession of the individual. After meeting with the new Illinois State Police Director Brendan Kelly, Knox County Sheriff David Clague learned that the ISP wants to push gun and ammunition seizures off onto local authorities. At a Knox County Board committee meeting this week, Clague said seizing guns isn’t their part and it isn’t their job. “I for one, as I told the director, typically you find that there are metal guns or very expensive guns and we don’t have the facilities to store then for any specific length of time without there being damage like rust or mildew on them,” Clague said. “Then that creates a lawsuit. Not to mention the storing of ammunition of any length of time…we don’t have a bunker. It’s not a safe environment to be storing ammo.” Other communities have formed teams of officers to do firearm revocations – something Clague isn’t interested in. Clague added that Kelly will be forming a committee to discuss the issue, that he will most likely sit on.