Cooling assistance program underway for Ameren

If you were hoping for cooling assistance through Ameren’s Warm Neighbors Cool Friends program this summer, a change in the program’s qualifications may impact you.

The utility’s Shane Hartman says the program opened statewide June 1 with new guidelines.

This year, the program is targeting only seniors or those with a heat-related disability.

“Right now, as of June first we’re in the cooling season. That switches over in October to the heating season. It’s almost twice a year but you’ve got to be careful how the months fall and when you qualify,” says Hartman. “Here in the winter time, the rules will change again. It’ll be a higher matched amount. In the summer right now, it’s a matched payment of $200. You can make that payment either in person or online. We fill out a form. It’s [really] super easy. Takes maybe 10 minutes.”

Hartman says the program is funded through donations by bill payers.

“On the paper bills it says ‘Do you want to make a donation to the Warm Neighbors Cool Friends program?’ You just check the box. It’s just as easy online. They actually give back to folks that meet the income guidelines twice a year. We’ll get it to the right place.”

Hartman says to contribute, check out your Ameren paper bill or find your electronic copy at the Ameren Illinois website.

To get more information, visit the Ameren Illinois website.

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