Galesburg Sirloin Stockade closed for good

It’s official — Galesburg’s Sirloin Stockade is closed.

That’s according to a statement sent to WGIL from the family of owner Rockelle Tennyson — which says after 50 years in the restaurant business, Tennyson is retiring, and efforts to sell all her restaurants have gone on since 2017.

The company says The 19 Sirloin Stockade restaurants in four states — including on North Henderson in Galesburg — were the last to go.  The company says closing the doors on the Galesburg location was a hard decision, but that the hope is that someone will purchase it.

Local real estate firm Dahl Realty will sell the property.

Sirloin Stockade has been in operation in Galesburg since 1992. Employees could be seen in the parking lot of the store earlier today — some possibly unaware until they showed up for work that they would be out of a job.

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