A-town working towards first day of school for students

School is just a month away for many area schools and summer projects continue as the first day of class fast approaches.

The Abingdon-Avon school district undertook some big projects this summer and work continues on them.

District #276 Superintendent Mike Curry tells WGIL that the roof project at Hedding Grade School and the High School are rolling right along.

“But, as of now the high school is progressing along on schedule and the Hedding Grade School project is a little behind time but we’re counting on the contractor to double down and make sure we have the roof completed, hopefully before the start of school.”

Curry attributed the delays to weather and materials.

He says that there’s still some teaching openings that need to be filled to get the personnel to 100-percent but expects to be fully staffed for the start of the school year.

Curry says that they do have a few open teaching positions that are “in limbo.”

“A couple of positions still in limbo. We currently have a couple of candidates [that we’re hoping] will select us. But, as everybody knows, [there are] not enough teachers for the openings in the area. So it comes down to what the candidates are looking for. Hopefully, it’s a great place to work — like us.”

Other things that may affect a potential teacher’s decision are benefits, salary, and location.

In hopes of finding a near-permanent filling, Curry says that A-Town may move to hire a full-time sub to fill the position. The full-time substitute would get all the same pay and benefits as a first-year teacher.

Curry says this helps subs find some job security for the year. He said that District 276 may go on a semester by semester basis.

Students will be back in District 276 classrooms on August 19th.

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