Arby’s looking to come to Monmouth, administration looking for new retailer

It looks like the City of Monmouth is on their way to having another fast-food chain set up shop.

Arby’s is looking build in town along North Main Street as early as this fall according to City Manager Lew Steinbrecher.

“They’ve got an option on some city-owned property there on the north side of town, across the street from the Burger King [and] McDonald’s area,” Steinbrecher said. “They haven’t closed on the purchase yet because they’re still doing their due diligence but everything looks very good that they’re going to close on the sale and start on the construction in November.”

When asked about plans for the now-closed ShopKo store, he said that they were looking into finding a new retailer for the store.

“We’re starting to do some preliminary investigation into some possible general merchandise retailers who might have some interest. Clearly, we don’t have anything like that left here in Monmouth. So, we are giving some effort to try and recruit another retailer for that location.”

Steinbrecher indicated that there’s excitement for Fareway to open on July 31st.

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