New Weekly Paper hit newsstands

A new, locally owned and operated weekly newspaper hit newsstands last week. “The Burg’s” volume 1 issue 1 went out last Thursday, July 18th. President of “The Burg” is Tony Scott who has 25 years experience in newspapers – and spent two decades with Gatehouse Media. AD Scott Company LLC is the parent company of “The Burg”. “We want to appeal to all different audiences,” said General Manager and Sports Editor Jeff Holt. “I got a really good experience with “The Neighbors” and “The Paper”. We’re going to have a Military Page; we’re going to have a “Good Works Volunteers Page”…I’ll have a “Student-Athlete of the Week”. There’s a lot of things, kind of, on the way that I’m really excited about. I just want to give it that hometown-feel. I’ve got quite a background for sports writing. So (things) like box scores – (we) try to add things like that to just give it that real local, hometown feel to it.” The Burg will cost less than a dollar a week. An annual subscription for those in Galesburg is $45 – those out-of-town, it’s $50. As of now, 10,000 copies per week are being published. Officed in the Bondi Building in downtown Galesburg, to subscribe, call 351-7150 or follow The Burg on Facebook.