Galesburg Council discuss parking related issues

The Galesburg City Council had an item on first reading that if approved that aims to help motorists get in and out of driveways more easily.

City Manager Todd Thompson says that the current ordinance in which cars can’t park next to a driveway only if there’s signage or yellow paint on a curb is “cumbersome to implement.”

After a review by city staff, it was found it’s more common to restrict parking within 5 feet of any driveway.

“The issue that’s caused is people park too close to someone else’s driveway and then they have difficulty getting in and out of their driveway,” Thompson told aldermen.

During questioning by Council members, Thompson clarified that the ordinance would not apply to a car parked across the street from a driveway.

Thompson also said that in theory a person could be ticketed for parking within five feet of their own driveway, but that it’s unlikely to happen since this type of ordinance is typically enforced on a complaint basis.

Aldermen last night also approved purchasing a section of a parking lot owned by Rob Benedict that will give downtown shoppers another 19 spaces to park in on Simmons Street, between Tom Foster Insurance and Kohl’s Diamond Gallery.

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