Galesburg native managing Florida radio and TV waits out Dorian

Galesburg native Kevin Trueblood is a general manager for a group of public television and radio stations in the Fort Myers area of Florida.

While Trueblood was on standby in case of the worst from Hurricane Dorian but as of last night it appeared as though the storm veered off track of Florida.

Some areas along the Atlantic coast are still expected to face hurricane-force winds.

Local news reports told of beachgoers soaking up the sun on Labor Day as the hurricane was stationary over the Bahamas as a Category 4 for most of Monday.

It looks now as if Fort Myers won’t get much more than garden variety thunderstorms.

While the threat from Dorian was considered very real, Trueblood says he doesn’t think residents were taking the threat of Dorian serious until Thursday.

“We started to see gas shortages… the lines at Publix were starting to get longer — the grocery store down here.”

Trueblood jokes that although he doesn’t want to go through a hurricane but says it beats living through blizzards.