City of Monmouth saves money on water main replacement

The City of Monmouth saved themselves a sizeable chunk of money in water main replacement last month.

Laverdiere Construction had completed the southeast water main replacement project and brought it in at just under $490,000, saving the city approximately $70,000 in the project cost.

City Administrator Lew Steinbecher says that the project not only provided new water services to houses in the southeast side of town but helped improve water flow for residents in the southwest side of town.

“It also helped improve the flow of water into the south section and southwest part of town in general,” Steinbrecher tells WGIL. “Which would help with fire protection, water flow, and better circulation of the water within the distribution system.”

With the savings, the city managed to fund the project 100-percent utilizing only federal grant funds.

Steinbrecher also tells WGIL that the city is hard at work on finalizing the project design for beautifying the town square and working to meet the December deadline for the Illinois Department of Transportation matching grant application to fund it.

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