Lawsuit after bartender is punched, run over is settled

CHICAGO (AP) – 7-Eleven has settled a lawsuit filed by the family of a Chicago bartender who was knocked unconscious outside one of the company’s stores, robbed by passers-by and fatally run over by a taxi.

Security cameras captured the February 2016 incident that left 32-year-old Marques Gaines dead.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports the lawsuit, scheduled to get underway this week, alleged store owners and operators were culpable because they did not properly train personnel and did not provide adequate security around the store.

Gaines family attorney Evan Smola says 7-Eleven settled the lawsuit Tuesday for an amount he refused to disclose.

Gaines, who worked at a nearby hotel, was assaulted by a man who was ejected from the 7-Eleven and was left unconscious in the street. The lawsuit alleged neither the security guard nor a store clerk tried to help Gaines.

Marcus Dante Moore last year served five months of a four-year sentence for aggravated battery.