Knoxville Council approves sewer project work

Some infrastructure work is on its way in Knoxville after the City Council on Monday approved some bids. Sewer lining work on Douglas, Line and Pleasant Streets went out for bids last week. City Engineer Kevin Cooper said he budgeted $120,000 for the project – with the high bid coming in at over $110,000 and the low bid at just over $67,000. Cooper said the contractor, whom the City had worked with in the past, had such a good price that he decided to add a couple of blocks of Depot Street to the project. The additional blocks would add another $19,000 to the project, and would still be under budget – and under the high bid from the original. The Council accepted the recommendation.
The Council also hammered out details on the upcoming Scenic Drive in Knoxville the first two weekends in October. Tents and vendors this year will be inspected and waivers will be signed so they can stay up throughout the week between the two weekends. The Council also made the yearly donation of $1,500 towards the event to help with advertising, signage, entertainment, and shuttle services from downtown to the Knox County Fairgrounds.