Council looking at bids for Sibley Underpass drainage problems

Following the construction of the Sibley Underpass on Main Street, a drainage issue was discovered that resulted in erosion underneath and next to one of the concrete slope walls.

Galesburg City Council on Monday night can enter into an engineering services agreement for Hanson Professional Services Co. to provide a design solution and perform necessary coordination with the Illinois Department of Transportation and BNSF.

This agreement would be for a little over $12,000 for the city but per the underpass’ construction contract the IDOT would cover repair costs.

Council documents say that during rain events the concrete slope paving under the bridge and water flows onto the sidewalk below. This erodes soil which sometimes accumulates on the nearby sidewalk. City workers have had to continually clean up the sidewalk to make it walkable for pedestrians.

Hanson Professional Services is an ideal candidate for the project according to council documents, because of their experience working with BNSF and their involvement in the project up until this point.

Galesburg City Council could also approve a quote from M&O Environmental Co. to abate asbestos from a part of 120 E. Main St.

Council approved stabilizing the east wall of the city-owned building in downtown last month. A portion of the building’s asbestos must be removed before the stabilization work can be completed according to council documents.

City Manager Todd Thompson has already authorized the work, in a departure from the normal purchasing process. This was done because of the need to get the wall stabilized as quickly as possible.

M&O’s quote is for almost $16,000 and will be paid for with TIF funds.

Aldermen can also approve a bid from Gunther Construction for repairs to the intersection of Main and Cherry Street.

The repairs are needed because of a water main break that occurred near the intersection earlier in the year. The City has already repaired the water main and the street’s base, but a large area of asphalt was damaged and is set to be removed and replaced if the bid is approved tonight.

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