WGIL Button


If a WGIL Button Spotter catches you wearing a FREE WHITE button you could WIN up to $500!

Pick Your Button Up At One Of These Sponsor Locations

F&M Bank, at E. Main and both N. Henderson Street locations in Galesburg
Karmark Tire & Auto
, Sandburg Mall in Galesburg
Arby’s, on North Henderson Street in Galesburg
Tompkins State Bank, 
in Avon, Abingdon, Knoxville, & Galesburg
Galesburg Nissan Service Department, right in front of Sandburg Mall in Galesburg
Compton Accounting
, on the Hwy 34 curve in Altona
Northgate Lanes, Your family fun center on Henderson Street, Galesburg
Accounting Systems, Inc., 232 E. Simmons Street in Downtown Galesburg
Kehoe Eye Care, 4L Plaza – just off North Broad Street in Galesburg
Liberty Tax Service, Behind Subway on N. Henderson Street in Galesburg
OSF St. Mary Medical Center Customer Service Desk


 Winners so far Include:

Jane Lawson, Galesburg, $25
Juan Medina, Galesburg, $25
Rita Crockett, Galesburg, $40
Karen Johnson, Galesburg, $50
Judy Crowley, Galesburg, $20
Jim Grawey, Galesburg, $25
Ottis Penn, Galesburg, $30
Larry Whitaker, Galesburg, $30
Bob Hatch, Galesburg, $50
Pat Scott, Galesburg, $40
Roland Williams, Galesburg, $20
Deb Williamson, Knoxville, $100
George Inness, Galesburg, $20
Don Carlson, Wataga, $50
George Schultz, Galesburg, $75
Marie Johnson, Galesburg, $30
Ed White, Galesburg, $20
Charles Roe, Galesburg, $20
Joel Strader, Galesburg, $50
Dean Akin, Galesburg, $40
Terri Oehlert, Galesburg, $20
Tony Main, Alexis, $25
Chad Gustafson, Galesburg, $40
Shirley Banks, Galesburg, $20
Tiffany Noel, Galesburg, $30
Ken Mahnesmith, Galesburg, $20
Sherry Maddill, Galesburg, $50
Jo Ann Appel, Galesburg, $25
Gary Woolsey, Galesburg, $75
Janice Stremmel, East Galesburg, $100
Sandra Heck of Galesburg won $500!
Jim Mummey, Knoxville, $20
Ann Schertz, Wataga, $20
Mary Clifford, Galesburg, $50
Megan Chandler, Galesburg, $50
Rebecca Erickson, Altona, $25
Ray Peoples, Galesburg, $20
Catherine Courtney of Galesburg, $40
Joan Shawgo, Galesburg, $20
Dwayne Groves, Galesburg, $20
Mark Podeszwa, Galesburg, $100
Mary Struck, Galesburg, $75
Jeanne Allen, Knoxville, $30
Julie Davis Galesburg, $100
Alberta Anthony, Galesburg, $20
Randy Schmidt, Galesburg, $25
Jeanne Warfield, Galesburg, $50
Sandra Fowler, Galesburg, $40
Howard Heaton, Galesburg, $20
Sandy Huff, Monmouth, $20
Sara Dutton, Knoxville, $25
Peggy Van Wassenhove, Galesburg, $25
Luz Moraila, Galesburg, $75
Shauna Claeys, Galesburg, $30
Joyce Huss, Galesburg, $200