Police Commission Works On Promotion Process
FIRST REPORTED 3:00pm 1/10/13 The Galesburg Police and Fire Commission is looking at just how it will adhere to a new state law regarding the promotion process for police officers.

Now that they've upgraded the promotion process for firefighters, commission members Thursday heard from a representative of a firm that provides testing for the police promotional process.

Cops and Fire Personnel Testing Service president John Sidbeck told the commission using an independent testing service can provide for a much better promotion process.

"Most commissioners are made up of lay people who maybe don't have the backbone in law enforcement or in the fire end of it," says Sidbeck. "What we see is when we bring in professional law enforcement people: chiefs, retired chiefs, deputy chiefs who have been in the field of law enforcement, and they take them to these exercises, they feel they are being evaluated by peers who are in the field."

Commission members would still have to seek bids on a promotional service, and the Galesburg City Council would still have to approve. What's more, however, there are currently no open positions in the Galesburg Police Department that would require a promotion.

A special meeting is going to be held in two weeks to determine a date for a promotional exam nonetheless.

"Cops and Fire" charges as much as 32-hundred dollars per day for what normally are a day-long series of exams.
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