GREDA's Schmidt Changing Roles
FIRST REPORTED 6:40 1/15/13Current GREDA President Tom Schmidt says he will be transitioning roles February 1st.

Schmidt has been serving on a part-time basis in his two year tenure as President and will move into another limited role as business manager.

GREDA recently signed a three year agreement that will allow them to survey businesses and reduce bureaucracy in the City.

Schmidt has been serving in a transitional role as President and tells WGIL that he hopes to bring administrative expertise in his new role.

"Just providing support services behind the scenes is really where I would prefer to be at this point in time," says Schmidt. "It will free me up a little bit on a personal basis to enjoy some other things, not the least of which are two grandchildren here in the community and take a look at other ways in which I may be of service to the community."

Schmidt announced that Leo Dion will be taking over as the new President of the GREDA organization.

GREDA has reportedly had the plan to replace Schmidt in his role as President in the works for quite some time.

Dion has been serving as the Director of Knox County Development Corporation in the meantime. Schmidt says Dion brings an extraordinary background to the table.

He also said GREDA will be bringing in another team member as a supplement to the work they are doing.

Schmidt tells WGIL that developing business relationships during his time served remains noteworthy.

"The preeminent thing I'm most proud of is reestablishing working relationships," says Schmidt. "In the world of economic development and certainly from the private side of this perspective, relationships are absolutely key and in a relatively short amount of time, I think we've reestablished ourselves as a credible organization to work with."

GREDA recently brought in BNSF CEO Matt Rose to speak on the companies immediate future and any plans they may have for Galesburg.

Schmidt said he didn't expect his job serving as President of GREDA to be a long-term role.

GREDA says the move coincides with it's role working with local governments in 2013.
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