Looking Into Alternative Energy
You might think installing solar paneling in your home to run solar powered electricity would cost you and arm and a leg--but that's not the case according to Gary Lay who owns S-W-A-P or Solar, Wind, Alternative, Power.

Lay stopped by the Sustainable Business Center to host a Solar Energy Workshop for those interested in the idea of alternative power sources.

Lay told those in attendance the hardest hurdle in installing solar power technology is dealing with the local government.

"The putting up and the wiring of the solar is the easy part, working with the City was the nightmare truth be told," says Lay.

Lay's best advice for tackling a project like install solar panels in your home is to talk with the City officials first to make sure there isn't any specific code requirements.

He says installing Solar technology in your home will in time pay for itself.

According to Lay if you can afford the cost of a used car you can afford to put solar power panels in your home.
01 19 13 by Newsroom
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