Knoxville Looking Into New Healthcare Law
It was a short meeting at the Knoxville City Council Monday night with most of the agenda items pushed off till their February meeting.

But there was still ample conversation about a variety of items including how the new Healthcare Law will affect the city.

During Treasure Jim Whitney's report he told the council the new law could bring on some budget woos but there were ways around the issue.

"The beginning of 2014 the health law comes in complete effect. The health law states that if we have employees that work 30 hours we have to give them full hospital insurance so we're not going to be able to work anybody for more that 28 or 29 hours and we're probably going to need hire some more part time help."

Whitney explained it didn't matter if the person only did seasonal work if they worked thirty hours or more they were entitled to health insurance.

However, the board argued they may be able to get around the new law since they have less than 50 employees on payroll.

Whitney agreed but expressed his concerns with the new law and told the council it was something they needed to look into and prepare for the possibility of cutting hours and hiring more part time workers.
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