Commissioners Set Date For Police Promotion Testing
The Galesburg Police and Fire Commission has set the date for the first part of the exam for police officers wishing to be promoted.

The Commission today set the date of the written portion of the exam of April 16th for officers wishing to be promoted to Sergeant or Lieutenant. The Commission wants to get the list of potential promotional candidates updated, even though there aren't currently any open positions.

The commission is going through with the testing as it transitions to using a third-party service for part of the exam, as is required by law, bids for which are currently being sought -- and the City Council will eventually need to vote on.

But at question is whether or not a third of the final score on the overall exam should be given to the written test.

"Without naming names, I have rather senior officers that from history do not do real [sic] well on written tests, but they're very competent officers," says David Christensen. "We have them sit in the duty office when the sergeant's gone and they do very well, but I'm fearful that if we base it on written tests alone, we might eliminate that officer."

Police Chief David Christensen, who says that's why sometimes points issued during the exam process for seniority might make the difference.

Seniority and points for military service will be added after up to one-hundred have been scored in the rest of the exam: 40 points for the assessment exercises, 30 points for the written test, 20 points for an oral exam, and up to 10 points that the chief can use.

Bids for the third-party testing service must be sent to the city by February 20th.
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