Pennies, Pennies, Pennies for Sandburg Birthplace
Thursday afternoon the The Carl Sandburg Historic Site Association hosted the Penny Parade to help raise money for improvements at the Carl Sandburg Birthplace.

This year the Parade made its return to the birthplace, where local students enjoyed folk music, a short lesson about Sandburg and of course some tasty refreshments.

Carl Sandburg Association Board member Stanford Shover tells WGIL when the state continued to cut funds to state parks and historic sites the Association needed to find ways to bring in money for improvements.

"I said, 'Let's re-inaugurate the Penny Parade,' so we did," Shover said. "We took in over $2,000 in pennies [last year], which helped with a lot of little repairs and different things we wanted. So this year, I said 'Let's double that.' I don't know if we will or not, but we're working toward it."

It didn't take too long after the parade started for the pennies to start rolling in. In a little less than a half hour the Association had an estimated $1,700 donated. A final total wasn't available.

One of the biggest donations to come in was from Hedding Grade School in Abingdon. They collected more than $1,000 in pennies.

Some of the buckets had a mix of pennies and silver coins.

When asked who had the lovely task of counting all those pennies--Association members laughed and said the bank money counting machine.
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