Library Board Looks for Grant Clarification
After Monday night's Galesburg Public Library Construction Committee meeting where the community got the see the top three architectural designs, board members walked away in high spirits.

But they were told their decision to go with a construction manager at risk would mean they don't qualify for state grant money.

The Construction Committee met Thursday night to try and come up with ideas but it was clear during the meeting the committee still needed major clarification on the rules and regulations.

Director Harriet Zipfel says the state hasn't been much help with getting them answers.

"We asked the State for clarification as far as if we had to go for sealed bids, and if we had to chose the...low bid," Zipfel said. "They basically tossed that back into our lap and said, 'What does your city do?'"

Zipfel says the City told them they treat Construction Managers the same as they treat Architects.

She says treating the Construction Manager as a professional would mean under Illinois State Library law the Library wouldn't be required to bid out the job.

Zipfel says if the Library goes down that path they risk applying for the Grant and having the State tell them they don't qualify.

The Library construction committee will be seeking legal council on the matter.

They still plan on applying for the grant and choosing an architect firm at the next meeting.
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