Local Church Giving Back to Those in Need
Bethel Baptist Church is taking on a huge undertaking next month and is asking for the communities help to get the project done.

For the second year Bethel Baptist is participating in what they call Impact Hunger--a program that helps out a program called Impact Lives.

Pastor Lee Johnson from Bethel Baptist tells WGIL an eighteen wheeler full of bulk food items like rice, beans and other nutrients will be dropped off at the Church where volunteers have the task of getting it ready for it's trip to Nigeria.

"We're going to set up literally a couple dozen of assembly lines and we're going to take the bulk food and we're going to put a cup of this and a half cup of that and a teaspoon of that and some vitamins and some minerals. We're going to put it all into a plastic baggie we're going to weight it, we're going to make sure it's within ya know one or two grams of what it has to be, we get the air out, we seal it then these meals go back into cardboard boxes and there back onto the semi."

Pastor Johnson says the next time the food's touched is after its long journey to Africa and is reconstituted given to those in need.

The event takes place February 2 at Bethel Baptist Church.

If you're interested in joining the cause you can call the Church or sign up online on their website.
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