Galesburg Makes A Showing At The Super Bowl
It was a sad ending this year for the Bears. We started off with a record of seven and one only to end our season with ten and six.

Sadly Bears fans this year are watching from the Super Bowl sidelines saying to themselves "there's always next year."

For one Galesburg family they couldn't be happier with how this years road to the Super Bowl played out.

That's because Carrie Bernett, her husband and kids are die-hard San Francisco 49-er fans.

Carrie and her husband are taking the long 15 hour car ride down to New Orleans to support their beloved 49-ers and Bernett tells WGIL they're making the trip with a few lucky charms.

"My husband has always worn this Shaun Hill jersey so he's wearing his Shaun Hill jersey even though Shaun Hill doesn't play on the team anymore, that's his lucky jersey so he's going to be wearing that," says Bernett.

Bernett says her husband and a friend had already gotten tickets for the Taste of the NFL dinner in New Orleans, but once the 49-ers clinched a Super Bowl sport they decided to go to the big game.

Bernett says during the fall her family plans their weekends around 49-ers games.

This past season they traveled to Minnesota, New York, New England, St. Louis and California just to see their team play.
01 31 13 by Newsroom
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