No Quorum for Community Relations Commission Meeting
The first meeting of the new year for the Galesburg Community Relations Commission got off to a rocky start.

Out of the twelve member commission only six members showed up meaning a quorum was not met and no official business could take place Tuesday night.

Commission Chair John Hunigan expressed to the board his frustration with the lack of participation.

"We really need to talk about this at our next meeting, and make sure we're committed to this," Hunigan said. "I understand that we all have commitments and things like that, but [this meeting is held] the second Tuesday of every month. We ask just once a month. I'm getting tired of this, having the same discussion it seems like almost every other meeting. I need everybody to think about -- I understand everyone's intention that they want to be a part of the commission, but can you commit, and make sure that you're here at the meetings?"

Hungian says he understands people have family emergencies that come up and that happens but the only way to effectively get things accomplished is if everyone fully commits to the cause.

The Commission was unable to make an official decision regarding their agenda for the evening.

Some of the items up for discussion were an update on the youth/human services survey and nominations for the Youth Extra Effort Award.
01 09 13 by Newsroom
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