Galesburg To Get New Bus Shelters
Thanks to a grant from the federal government, the City of Galesburg will be putting in as many as 14 bus shelters around town.

At Monday's City Council meeting, aldermen unanimously approved the measure.

Many questions were asked about the prospects for completing all the bus shelters on budget as well as their design.

The price to purchase a new bus shelter is around 6-thousand dollars plus concrete work.

Third Ward Alderman Russell Fleming said he doesn't have a problem with the locations, but did have a problem with the design.

"That depends on what's behind that, the second one to me looks less obtrusive even though the first one was picked out because it blends in with our other bus designs," said Fleming. "To me that's not the purpose of the design, I think the design should blend in with the building they're placed in front of."

The measure worked it's way through the transportation committee before reaching the council.

Chairman of the Public Transportation Commission Harry Hopping said they spent a lot of time trying to be cost effective.

"That's why we went with this design is two reasons: one, is we can get the most for our bucks and the most locations and [two], they do blend in with just about everything downtown," says Hopping.

The State of Illinois will, according to the City, provide a consulting engineer free of cost to the City. Community Development Director Roy Parkin says they wanted the designs to blend in well too.

"This is something we need to keep moving forward with it, the dollars aren't going to be there forever from the standpoint of transit grants," said Parkin. "The transit people are getting pressure from the feds and the state people to make sure we keep moving these projects through."

With the approval, the project can now be bid out.

Due to the terms of the grant, the City doesn't have to provide matching funds for using the federal grant money.
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