Finance Superintendent Revisions To Add Safety
The Galesburg School Board of Education met Monday night to go through a relatively light agenda.

Among the items the District 205 Board had to take care of was revising the job description for Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations.

Jim Rich is currently serving in that seat, but is doing so on an interim basis until the board can find a replacement.

The board, in reviewing changes to the job description, decided it may be best to consider safety as an element to the job.

Director for Human Resources Diane Vanhootegem says the language isn't listed specifically, but is covered.

"It is a role under the guise of that office and has been for a multitude of years and so this person does assume the role of reviewing safety plans of the school, but it could be a separate provision if you so chose," says Vanhootegem.

The board amended the recommendations and approved the measure. The District will begin it's search in June of this year for a replacement. Changes would also include reviewing district principals.

Vanhootegem says the board would simply need to set a new precedents.

"It could possibly have an effect on them except that there's a method for them to become qualified to evaluate principals if they aren't currently qualified to gain that certification," says Vanhootegem.

The board also unanimously approved it's 2013-2014 school year calendar with very little discussion.
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