Abingdon School Board Abates Sales Tax Revenue
The Abingdon School Board decided to abate sales tax revenue claiming that they didn't need it for capital projects.

The school board had issued bonds several years ago to pay for such capital improvements, but the County collects payments for those bonds automatically.

Because the sales tax revenue in the amount of 429-thousand dollars won't be used for capital improvements, the Board of Education abated the amount.

Superintendent David Black tells WGIL the district has 436-thousand dollars in bond payments, but they didn't need the sales tax.

"Now that revenue could be used for building things or capital improvements, but since we issued bonds to do those very things just a few years ago the board felt it was right to use that sales tax money to lower the tax rate for the citizens of Abingdon school district."

The amount lowers the effective tax rate for Abingdon residents by about 10%.

Board members held a meeting last week to discuss the abatement.

The school district only receives part of the revenue from the sales tax proceeds.

The board voted unanimously in favor of the measure.
02 23 13 by Newsroom
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