Galesburg Water in Good Shape
Galesburg's water treatment plant is not actually located in Galesburg.

In fact the plant is located about thirty plus miles away from Galesburg in Oquawka along the Mississippi River.

With all the flooding around the area including the area around the treatment plant there is some concern of water contamination.

Galesburg's Public Works Director Larry Cox tells WGIL the City's learned from past floods and have taken the proper measures to prevent contamination of the water supply.

"The actual plant itself is out of the floodplain," says Cox. "We do have our wells - which are down along the river along the floodplain - but we have had some work done this past year to help flood proof those wells."

Cox says crews have been going out to the treatment plant and taking boats out to the wells several times a day to check on the situation.

He says the treatment plant is also monitored closely by a computer system.

Cox says that system would alert the City to any issues at the plant or with the wells right away.
04 22 13 by Newsroom
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