Knox Considers Immigration Debate
At the Seymour Library on the Knox College campus Monday night, Doctor John Agnew spoke on global immigration trends.

Agnew is considered a leading scholar on nationalism and immigration in addition to being a distinguished professor of geography at UCLA.

He spoke for more than an hour on building a framework to think about the current debate on immigration policy and the three percent of the global population that is living outside their country of birth.

Agnew says that considering ethnicity dominated immigration discussion for so long, there are few criteria for what it takes to be a citizen.

"Knowing something about the Country, pledging allegiance to the flag, there are a few other odds and ends. I mean that's about it and beyond that you live your life and so that can be really disturbing for people who have an extremely narrow or straighten definition."

Agnew is himself a native of Great Britain and spoke about the advantages experienced in immigration for those with considerable bank accounts.

Taking questions from the audience afterwards, many were surprised that "birthright citizenship" is reportedly localized to the western hemisphere.

He was brought to the Knox campus as part of a two-day residency sponsored by a fraternal honor society program.
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