Aldi Receives Planning/Zoning Commission Approval
The development of "Gale Village" is beginning to look a bit more real after Tuesday night's Planning and Zoning Commission meeting.

The Aldi chain of grocery stores is planning to relocate from their current location on West Main Street to be a part of the new development on North Seminary Street and Knox Square Drive.

Aldi requested four variances to the location in the Northwest corner of the site - which is subsequently located next to the "Stisser" property.

One resident spoke to the commission and suggested they vote down the variance requests to keep the current Aldi within walking distance of relatively low-income areas.

Director of Community Development Roy Parkin told the commission that decision at the discretion of the developer and the commission has another focus.

"We need to look at the site -- does it make sense? [Do] the variances make sense?" Parkin said. "If, for some reason, the re-zoning doesn't go through, and the...plat doesn't get recorded, we won't be issuing any permits for this project until that plat gets recorded to the B-2 [zoning]. So, if it never does, the project would unfortunately not go through from that standpoint."

The chain wanted to waive fencing requirements, allow parking along Seminary Street, and to reduce necessary parking landscape.

Commission members requested to amend the proposal to reduce parking and increase space on the south side of the site for improved landscaping. That motion failed 4-3.

The variances themselves were approved by a vote of 6-1.
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