Sanitary District Moves Ahead with Sewer Upgrades
More upgrades to the sanitary sewer system in Galesburg -- or at least part of it -- will be coming in just a few months.

That's because the Galesburg Sanitary District Board today voted to seek bids on the proposed upgrade to the sewer along a stretch of Academy Street on the Main Street side.

The project is estimated to cost around 385-thousand dollars, but engineer Shane Larson says, it's a good thing that's just an estimate.

"I'd love to say what the bids are going to be, but they've been all over the board," says Larson. "After the last one where we had to cut back and have them give us another price so you would like to believe that we're close, but who knows for sure."

Sanitary District Superintendent Steve Davis says the city asked the district if they could could do the upgrade work sooner rather than later, owing to the pending construction of the Seminary and Kellogg Street Overpass.

Davis says that means the work will likely be done in September, and bids are due back in June.

The section of Academy in question will be closed for a time once work begins.
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