Five Year Farm Bill Goes to House Floor Vote
17th District Congresswoman Cheri Bustos told reports Thursday during a conference call that a new, five-year Farm Bill has made its way out of committee and onto the House Floor for a vote.

Bustos said she and members of the House Agricultural Committee spent a better part of Wednesday working on the bill in an effort to get it passed out of committee.

During the conference call Bustos was asked if she'd still support the bill without an amendment to eliminate cuts for food stamps.

Bustos had voted for the amendment eliminating those cuts, but she did not have a clear yes or no answer to if she'd still support the farm bill without the amendment.

"I don't know what the final version is going to be," says Bustos. "Just like any piece of legislation, there's probably not a day that goes by in Washington where we are not facing bills that just have some horrific aspects of them with parts that are pretty tough to swallow."

Bustos said the bill does have strong and stable crop insurance, something she said was a common topic of concern while talking to farmers in her district.
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