Abingdon/Avon Looks into Pre-K Options
Talk regarding the age and who would be enrolled in the Abingdon/Avon Pre-K programs came up during the consolidated district's board of education meeting Wednesday.

Currently each community handles Pre-K differently, with students having to be screened and qualify for the program in Abingdon. Avon does not have a screen process and allows anyone if there's spot available.

The question became should Abingdon students who do not qualify for their program be allowed to attended the Avon program.

Board president Sherry Lomax told the board early childhood development is extremely important and they need to make sure they're making the best decision for both communities.

"We need to look at the numbers, and look and see what's our situation in Avon at the grade school there, how many do we have, how many do we have up here [in Abingdon]," Lomax said. "If it's a first-come-first-served, by screening, and we've got what we need, then to give those students the option if they don't qualify, to go to Avon."

The issue was tabled until their next board meeting.
07 11 13 by Newsroom
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