LaHood Says Concealed Carry Law Overdue
House Bill 183 was adopted as law on Tuesday after both the Illinois House and Senate decided to override Governor Pat Quinn's amendatory veto.

The move makes Illinois the last state to legalize concealed carry after the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals declared Illinois' ban unconstitutional.

Governor Quinn wanted to use his veto powers to prohibit the carry of firearms in establishments that serve alcohol in addition to measures prohibiting the carry of more than one firearm at a time.

The Illinois House passed an override by a vote of 77-31 with the Senate passing the override as well, 41-17.

37th District State Senator Darin LaHood says that Tuesday was a good day in Illinois.

"It took way too long to have concealed carry as the law of the land in Illinois," LaHood said. "It took a federal court to tell Illinois 'you had to pass a concealed carry bill.' It took 49 other states to show us the way, and it took the Legislature to overwhelmingly pass this. It is perplexing me that the Governor would veto this bill."

As it's written, and being interpreted, the bill says that authorities must issue permits to any applicant who has a FOID card and passes a background check.

A lawsuit has already been filed to force the law to be implemented immediately, but the bill says that Illinois State Police have about six months to develop a permit process.

LaHood knocked Quinn for spending about $40,000 to bring the legislature back for an override vote.
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