County Plans To Use Landfill Funds For Courthouse
Knox County is still short funds for renovations to the Knox County Courthouse.

At Tuesday's meeting, the Knox County Building Committee gave the go ahead to borrow as much as 800-thousand dollars from the Landfill to help pay for the project.

According to Knox County Board Chair Greg Bacon, the Landfill has already given to go ahead for the move.

The County has about 1.6-million dollars on hand for the project - but shortages have forced the County to consider other means of funding.

Bacon says that enough can be borrowed to just finish out the project.

"Roughly we get 80,000 tons per year through the Landfill," says Bacon. "We can take that much money per ton, roll it into the County into a separate contingency fund and then roll it back out to pay off the Landfill. If we don't do that, we're not going to finish nothing [sic] out."

In addition to the remaining costs, about 95-thousand dollars could also be borrowed for the installation of a radon mitigation system.

Bacon says the that plan will help deal with other cost overruns as well.

The Committee also discussed the possibility of taking consistent funding sources for renovation projects to the voters.
07 11 13 by Newsroom
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