Rep. Moffitt Reacts To Pay Freeze
74th District State Representative Don Moffitt says that a newly announced pay cut doesn't necessarily sway his opinion.

Governor Pat Quinn used his line-item veto powers to cut $13.8-million from a budget bill earmarked for lawmaker pay.

On Tuesday of this week, the Governor warned there would be consequences for missing a deadline he set to come up with a pension fix, but only hinted at what those consequences would be.

Illinois Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka is looking into whether Quinn's move is even legal.

Moffitt tells WGIL that if it is a legal action, he thinks its was only taken after plenty of frustration.

"The important thing is that we have forward progress, the important thing is that we're building toward consensus," says Moffitt. "Time will tell how effective that was, but it is my hope that it is helpful in pushing things ahead."

The changes would typically have to be approved by the General Assembly, but House Speaker Michael Madigan could simply not call an override vote to the floor. Moffitt tells WGIL he understands the Governors frustration.

"I think we should have voted on both bills that have advanced out of both chambers," says Moffitt. "If it gets to his desk and he vetoes it, that's fine, that's part of the process, the we would have the option of accepting his veto or overriding."

Illinois has seen multiple credit ratings agency downgrades while attempting to create a solution to the nearly 100-billion dollar pension crisis. A bipartisan committee is working to review the financial effects of proposed changes.

Moffitt says that Quinn's move restates the importance of finding a pension fix.
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