Health Department Using Grant for Obamacare Outreach
The Knox County Board of Health reviewed the terms of a grant received from Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), Thursday night.

Grant funds are calculated based on how many uninsured individuals the community health center sees, but the new services will be available to anybody.

The Department only wrote a grant for $59,000, but received $63,000. Funds for the public health side of the department should be learned in about two weeks time.

Money from the grant will be used to hire multiple full-time equivalent individuals to act as in-person counselors for individuals looking to enter the new healthcare marketplace, built by each State through the Affordable Care Act.

Health Department Administrator Heidi Britton says that they have computers and tablets for individuals to use if necessary to enroll in the marketplace.

"I was just contacted by the Galesburg Library this week, they're also a natural place that people are going to want to go to, to figure this out," says Britton. "They will be part of our plan. The first thing we have in our work plan for these counselors is that they create an outreach plan."

The $63,000 will be added onto the base grant funds for the community health center - totaling $713,000. The health center will now also have to adjust their budget. Britton says there's a contingency that they have 60 days to hire outreach coordinators.

"That person will be trained by trainers that they are already setting up throughout the state on the marketplace," says Britton. "After they finish their training and become experts on helping people enter the marketplace, then they get tested."

Approval of the grant funds and a job description will be conducted at the board's next meeting.
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