Justice Announces Applicants for Vacancy
Six attorneys have submitted their application to be considered for the open judicial vacancy in the 9th Judicial Circuit Court.

Now it's up to Chief Justice Thomas Kilbride to chose the most qualified candidate for the job.

In order to do this, a poll of all attorneys residing in the ninth judicial circuit will be taken.

The Illinois Bar Association will also be conducting a poll asking attorneys their opinions of the applicant.

Some questions asked will focus on the applicants' integrity, temperament, legal ability, management skills and other professional qualifications.

Justice Kilbride will also put together a screening committee made up of representatives of the community to evaluate the candidates.

Whomever is appointed to the position will fill the vacancy until December first 2014.

The 2014 general election will decided a permanent replacement.

If you're interested in sending in comments on the applicants you must do so by August 9th.

Those looking to fill the opening are Anne Burton of Macomb, Thomas Ewing of Lewistown, David House of Peoria, Michael Kraycinovich of the U.S Army, Curtis Lane of Canton and Jeff Neigel of Canton.
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