School Board Makes Decision on Silas Willard
It wasn't an easy decision to make, but the Galesburg Board of Education has made it's final decision on what direction they'd like to take Silias Willard Elementary School.

At last night's board of education meeting it was a six to one vote in favor of constructing a new building instead of renovating the current school, with that "no" vote belonging to board member Bob Lindstrom.

Lindstrom addressed the board telling members it was of his opinion that if the board wants to move forward with new construction, they'd be taking a major step backwards.

"This proposal is being made in a vacuum, we're looking backwards instead of forwards, we're looking backwards 50 years, why on earth would we think about building a new building for 18 million dollars on the smallest pad we have to do business, does that make any sense to anybody? Why would you do that?"

Lindstrom's biggest concern was the size of the land, with Silas having around, in his estimation, six acres of land, compared to other schools that have around 12.

However, board members said the current acreage really wasn't a concern and many of the residents in the Silas Willard area are happy with the amount of space the school occupies.

School board members last night also approved the fiscal year budget at a deficit of around two point three million dollars in the district's main operating funds.
09 09 13 by Newsroom
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