Local Barbecue Joint Moves Inside
For months Good Stuff Barbecue has been serving customers out of a trailer parked in a parking lot on the corner of Main street and North Farnham street.

Tuesday they packed up the trailer closed the doors and took a short trip a few feet behind them into their new dine in restaurant.

Owner and Manager Tony Hume says the menu has not changed and will still be cooking up a Texas Pit style barbecue.

Hume tells WGIL what Texas Pit barbecue is and how he prepares his meats

"Pit barbecue is the no gas at all in the heat it's coal and wood. Actually down in Texas they use mesquite and hickory and fruit woods, apple and cherry things like that, but I use strictly local hickory wood and then our own rub."

Hume says in Texas you would typically find Brisket as the choice of meat over Pork Good Stuff Barbecue offers both.

He says people tend to come-in for their pulled pork sandwiches and if you're someone who likes sauce on their meat there are six different barbecue sauces to choose from.

Hume says eventually more items will be added to the menu including breakfast being added in summer.
10 02 12 by Newsroom
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