GOP VP Candidate Campagins in Region
Another day, another Presidential or Vice Presidential candidate stopping in an area close to Galesburg, just not in Illinois.

A few weeks ago Vice President Joe Biden campaigned in Burlington, Iowa -- yesterday, it was Congressman Paul Ryan.

The Republican Vice Presidential nominee told a crowd at the Des Moines County GOP headquarters the country is going in the wrong direction, and the Obama administration is to blame -- unemployment over eight-percent for almost the last four years, for example.

The Wisconsin Congressman says you’ll find that out in more detail this week -- the start of the most critical part of the campaign.

"We're entering this part of the campaign, the debt phase of this campaign were the choice is going to become crystal clear. Do we want a pro-growth economy that fosters opportunity, or do we want more stagnation that fosters dependency."

Ryan says he's for opportunity, limited government, and reviving the American dream.

He says the Romney-Ryan ticket will use its energy to get people back to work.
10 03 12 by Newsroom
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