Pumpkin Patch Verse Store
You've all seen them--giant cardboard boxes outside the local grocery store filled to the top with pumpkins.

You pick what you think is the perfect pumpkin out of the bunch, take it home and wait till it's closer to Halloween before carving it.

But how many time have you noticed just weeks or even days after bring the pumpkin home it has began to rot.

Owner of the Country Corner store and farm Bruce Curry tells the WGIL Morning New's there is a big different in buying a store bought pumpkin and a pumpkin from the patch.

"The few pumpkins that I have seen at the stores look like they were probably picked off of a vine that died maybe a month or better ago just because of the season we've had. So those pumpkins some of them could be starting to get soft on us already where when you come out and you pick one from a pumpkin farm were it's still on the vine and it's just cut they've usually cured and are in better shape."

Curry says there are really only two things that will cause a pumpkin to rot quickly is direct sunlight and frost.
10 03 12 by Newsroom
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