Liquor Sales Can Happen at Lake Storey Pavilion
The Galesburg City Council has approved a proposal allowing for alcohol sales at Lake Storey Pavilion, with the changes a Galesburg aldermen wanted.

Aldermen voted six-to-two, with aldermen Ken Goad and Wayne Allen providing the "no" votes, to allow the alcohol sales during special events, without requirements that those under 21 be properly identified as such, and that hard liquor also be allowed to be sold.

Mayor Sal Garza answers a question about the security issue.

"It isn't that there will be no security there. The latitude the authority would fault to the city manager to make the determination at what events would security be required and that's the language that's contained within the proposed amendment and ordinance."

Goad and Allen did not explain their "no' votes, but Goad has said in the past he has concerns about such an ordinance possibly opening up the floodgates to allowing alcohol sales at other city-owned venues.

Aldermen also approved a special class of liquor license for those special events, which would cost 75-dollars to obtain.
10 03 12 by Newsroom
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