Local and State Legislators Come Together
Carl Sandburg College held it's annual Legislative Luncheon this afternoon (Friday) and representatives for Congressman Bobby Schilling, Senator Mark Krik and Dick Durbin were among the attendees.

College President Lori Sundberg tells WGIL why they have this meeting every year,

"It provides us an opportunity to talk to them about things that we're doing on campus and needs we might have and it gives them and opportunity to talk about what's going on in Springfield or Washington so we kind of understands how things are there as well."

Sundberg says at this time there really isn't anything urgent the College felt needed to be addressed.

She says today really was an informational meeting and they continue to have the luncheon every year in order to keep and maintain close contacts with legislators.

Sundberg says Carl Sandburg was one of one two community colleges in the state who's enrollment this fall increased.
10 05 12 by Newsroom
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