1.2.3 Release Pumpkin
During the month of October there are a number of activities you can do with a pumpkin.

You can carve it, you can de-seed it and bake the seeds, you can even make pumpkin pie--but did you ever think of taking your newly picked pumpkin and having it shot out a canon?

Co-Owner/Operator of the Q-9 Pumpkin Chuckin Cannon Kevin Weaver did and he has been shooting pumpkins out of a canon since 1997.

Weaver tells WGIL how he got started

"Originally we saw they have a pumpkin chuckin contest in Delaware and we went out there for quite a few years. We had a lot bigger gun then this that we started with. And we heard about them doing it and we just thought we're from Morton Illinois, pumpkin capital of the world why not shoot pumpkins."

Weaver says over 3,000 feet is the farthest they have ever shot a pumpkin but they are always looking to break their personal best.
10 08 12 by Newsroom
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